Disclaimer: This story is a rendition of what you might be able to experience when you play the final game.

It begins with a Village

You start out producing needed goods and researching technologies to learn new things, happily paying your taxes. Eventually you build a sturdy transport company and focused your research on expanding your trade range, accessing markets in many other villages. Your neighbors have been producing many of the goods your production craves, saving you from purchasing them from the local market at higher prices.

Years pass by and you are now well established, wondering what it is you have been paying taxes for. To find out, you decide to run for Mayor to get a taste of the higher levels of economy and to get into politics.

Your first title

Lucky for you, you live in a Democracy and the rest of the Village Owners in your Citystate decide that you have the makings of a good Mayor. You receive the most votes and take office soon after. You learn about economy at a whole new level. You put your Village on automatic production and dedicate your waking hours to run the entire area. Your transport company now simply accepts any requests to transport goods within your range, at the price you set, without any interaction from you. As you no longer micromanage it, it will not grow further, but will still remain a good source of income, as long as your clients keep using it.

Making economic decisions is not easy when many people are affected by your choices, but constructing Research Centers requires money, so you raise the taxes for a few years, until they have been built.

A few years later you want to go into District politics and as the Chief Executive of the District just happens to be leaving his post, you decide to run and put the Mayor position up for election. As luck would have it, your constituents as well as the surrounding Citystates decided you were the best choice for Chief Executive for the entire District. A new Mayor is elected to take care of the Citystate in your place.

District politics

You are now moving ahead in political and economic circles. Making decisions that benefit a single Citystates is not easy, but taking care of politics and economy regarding multiple Citystates is even harder. Some are more demanding than others, and sometimes you may be called upon to mediate between Mayors because their differences are disruptive to trade in the District; and since everybody loves money, you’d better fix it.

After a few years making improvements to the District in general and quelling a few uprisings, some harder than others, you decide to run for President. Your name is now well known in all Districts of the Nation. Your reputation to be fair and diplomatic, but also hard on troublemakers, is just what a President should be.

When you run, your support is unprecedented and you win a landslide victory.


You can now call yourself President. Not many stay for long as the head of a Nation. It is tough work keeping the corruption out of your office, but sometimes a President cannot avoid getting his hands dirty. Your reputation is now known across the Planet. Making deals and avoiding wars with other Nations is just a part of the paperwork on your desk.

Are you sure you can handle it? The last president almost destroyed a profitable relationship with another Nation. Can you fix it and restore the cash flow?

Years later, you have grown tired of the other Nations who only bicker and fight amongst each other. You make a decision you have since both regretted and loved. Regretted, because it could have been wonderful to achieve cooperation through peace, but loved, because it eventually lead to what you feared would never happen.

On that fateful day, you gathered your Chief Executives from all Districts to a secret meeting. You gave the order that changed it all:

Build me machines of war. Gather troops, weapons and stockpile food and necessary resources. The Planet is going to hell and we are the only ones who can save it.

One of the Chief Executives refused to be involved in warfare, but agreed to supply non-aggressive resources to the rest of the Districts. The rest asked their Mayors to start preparing for war!

Many long and bloody wars later, the President had won and replaced the other Nations’ leaders with Players who swore allegiance. The Planet was finally united and at peace.

Planetary decisions

A year later, your scientists discover Space Communication Technology, which enabled you to talk to the stars. Unfortunately someone out there was listening, someone bad. Less than a year later many large and scary spaceships show up in orbit, demanding your surrender. They give you the option to lead the world on their behalf, or they will invade and your peaceful world will become their slave with horrible scars. As you are about to make a fearful decision, an innocuous looking being appears in your office, giving you a third option:

“I represent the Galactic Shadow Organization. We are charged with protecting young spacefaring Nations such as yours. These brutes at your front door are powerful and malignant, and can crush your Nation with relative ease. We offer our protection for as long as you wish, but at a price and with one condition. Our price will rise exponentially with every Space Technology level you gain, until you are unable or unwilling to pay. Our only condition, beyond our payments, is that you do not initiate any acts of war against any Alien Nations. Fail to pay or break our condition, we will cease to protect you.”

You consider the small innocuous aliens’ proposition. Looks at the space surveillance showing the alien armada and accepts the protection. The GSO alien disappears from the Presidents’ office. Shortly after several incredible glowing vessels appear in orbit and destroys the largest vessel, which comes crashing down on your planet. The alien armada turns around and leaves, hopefully never to be seen again.

After many years of peace and technological advancement (part of it learned from the crashed alien ship), your economy can no longer sustain the GSO protection money.

You are finally advanced enough to travel the stars and find new trades and new adventures.

Travelling salesman

You decide to give up the office of President and start exploring the Universe, and sell your findings in the Universe to your Nation. You find new planets, full of technology and special goods you never dreamed of. You return with trade agreements worth billions upon billions. It is up to the current President to fulfill the agreements, while you roam the stars for more deals and resources to pilfer.

A new planet

One day you stumble upon an uninhabited, but lush Planet. You report back to your Nation about your find and the President decides to fund a colonization of this new Planet. Your Nation is thrilled with the news and soon the entire Planet is buzzing with excitement. Some Village Owners from other Nations wants to pay you to transport them to this new home. You accept and cash hefty ticket prices to ferry them and yourself to this new Planet, effectively creating an Outpost.

As Instant High Speed Entangled Communication (IHSEC) is still only a wet dream, these owners would have to travel between the planets to handle their affairs if they wanted to run a village at home, as well as an outpost on the planet. They can't do both at the same time without some form of IHSEC-technology, which is still years away. Some owners choose to do both, while others permanently move to the new planet, leaving the remnants of their village to be pillaged.

You really don't care either way, as long as you make extra cash on selling tickets for each trip they take.

The Planets’ atmosphere is however not entirely compatible with your Species. You and your fellow colonists must work together to terraform the surface to be suitable. Until enough plots have been terraformed to enable the final planetary wide terraforming, every Outpost Colony must live under a dome, or constantly wear breathing masks. Each has its own types of expenses and challenges, which become moot when the entire planet has been completely terraformed.

Your new home

After gallivanting around the galaxy for a few years, you tire of the incessant deal-making and asteroid-mining, and choose to settle on this planet with your kinfolk. Your old village has been closed down and your companies sold for a profit.

Still only half of the planet has been terraformed, but you manage to find a nice spot for a new Village; near rich resource veins, which your advanced spaceships sensors have detected. It certainly makes it easier to pick a profitable new place to live with such advanced sensors. Travelling the galaxy and running in to more advanced species willing to sell their space technology, certainly got your ship upgraded way beyond anything your own species has to offer.

Look out behind you!

You spend many exciting years on this planet, mining exotic minerals, terraforming many plots allowing newcomers to settle here (for a price, of course).

You constantly receive supplies from your Home Planet, but one day they stop coming. You send a scout back to find out what is happening. He returns with dire news.

The evil aliens must have learned that the GSO are no longer providing protection and have returned to fight for control over the Home Planet. The scout reports that they are holding out as the technology on the Home Planet had advanced (with your help) a great deal since their first encounter, but supply ships cannot get through their blockades. You inform the other Colonist Village Owners of the plight of the Home Planet and ask everyone to build armies and spaceships, so the evil aliens can be driven back.
Years pass by with periods of temporary peace and all-out war. One day, your survey team reports a new special mineral unlike anything seen before. Processed correctly, it can be used in powerful Beam Weaponry, ushering in a new age of Space based Weapon Technology.

Only half a year later, the alien armada has been entirely driven away from the Home Planet and they suddenly want to agree to diplomatic talks. These talks lead to a permanent peace treaty and valuable access to entire new Markets. They have things you didn't even know you needed, and vice versa.

Now what?

Decades pass by and you have long since helped complete the terraforming of the new planet. You have amassed untold wealth and learned many exciting new technologies.
One day your scout stumble upon something incredible in the far reaches of the Galaxy. He can hardly talk, when he returns. It is too amazing, too incredible and impossible to boot.
He can only stutter a single word, before passing out: “D.d.d.d.dyson”.