We write stories to make better games

These stories are a way to inspire ourselves how to make a game you will enjoy.

We use them to find ways to develop the game differently, by changing the perspective from which the game is viewed.

These stories could be about your village, your civilization; your history.

By freeing ourselves momentarily from the constraints of programming and allowing our fantasy to rule, we can imagine and invent a universe with great freedom.

Later, we apply these stories to the constraints of programming and must either learn how to expand the programming to encompass the vision within the text, or to narrow the text to fit what programming allows.

The latter part is usually what occurs, as programming lives by a restricted sets of rules, but innovation drives us and if we can manage to rewrite a bit of code to allow a fantasy to become real, that is something that will make our hearts skip a beat in wonder.

Use the submenu's on the left to read our stories and, in time, we hope to make a game that allows you to experience something similar.