Random Ideas

This page serves as a "dropbox" of random ideas for the game.
In time, they will be re-evaluated and moved to more appropriate pages.

Problems which change cost of construction

When you start construction on a larger project, problems during project runtime may arise, which increase the overall cost and upkeep for the project.

An example:

You started construction on a geothermal heat exchanger, which requires a deep drill hole to reach the hot underground. Making such a drill hole takes time, and is expensive. If the drill heads keep cracking under pressure (manufacturer may have used cheap materials), the cost increases. At some point you need to decide if the project is still worth pursuing.

In real life, a normal 2-3 km deep geothermal test drilling can cost up to 8 million USD (in Denmark). If the test drilling does not reveal a usable clay layer at the needed depth, the money is wasted... What if something similar was possible in the game? You'd make damn sure your surveyors were better at their job, so you can avoid wasting too much money drilling useless holes.