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Here you will find links to sites that have mentioned us, either through word-of-mouth discussion or through marketing efforts on our part.

Some links will include a snippet (or all) of the text.

Some will praise, some will criticize. That is the nature of the web.

We like both. Praise gives us pride and critique allows us to improve.

Let us know if you find other fora or articles that mention us, good or bad. We can take it!


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"When you want to play a game very much just from a YouTube video made from pieces of paper, you know this game is going to be good. Research trees so massive no one person could possibly finish it. That means that you have to rely on other people to help you in this complicated player-based economy." - aattss

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"They also talk about a somewhat different micro-transaction business model (yes, they will go that road) but say that although “money can buy happiness” the game will be free and all players should be able to enjoy it equally well – “the game will not require any payment to play to its fullest extent”. I’m always suspicious about this “we have micro-transactions but they aren’t really required to win the game and have pleasure playing” (my words here). But, let’s give these guys a chance." - Adam Solo

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